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Why is Metal Roofing Becoming A More and More Popular Option For Homeowners?

Metal Roof

A few years ago, homeowners were against metal roofing due to the fear of rust, denting and noise. But with the improvement of technology, the modern metal roofs are engineered to solve these potential issues. Statistics now show that homeowners prefer metal roofs than other common roofing materials such as wood, tile and asphalt. So why do homeowners choose metal roofs;

1. Excellent Design

Residential metal roofing are made of steel, aluminium & copper. In most cases, rolls of 24/26 – gauge steel sheets are designed with metallic coatingsand baked-on paint finish to prevent rust. The metallic coatings can either be zinc- galvanized or a mixture of zinc and aluminium, also known as zincalume or galvalume- which offers longer service. Note that the metal roofing coatings are available in several thicknesses. Aluminum sheets don’t require metallic coating, but they are always painted, while copper, which is a natural meal product, is neither painted nor coated.

2. Fire Resistant

Metal roof materials are noncombustible and typically have a Class A fire rating- the most resistant. This helps increase the resale value and lower insurance rates. However, you should note that a roof’s overall “fire resistance” classification depends on the materials beneath the surface, which could ignite in intense heat. For example, metal roofs that are applied over combustible materials such as wood shingles always have a lower rating of Class C.

3. Durability

Despite the fact that the initial material cost of a metal roofing is greater that of other standard roofing materials, its longevity is far superior. A metal roofing can last two to three times longer than the typical nonmetal roof. In fact, if it’s properly installed, it should last as long as the building surviving high winds, sealing out water, and shedding snow.

4. Speed & Ease of Metal Roofing Installation

Most metal roofing materials come in multiple shingle sections or in 12-inch to 36-inch wide panels. A qualified contractor can install these in no time. This makes metal roofing the perfect option when in difficult/ stressful situations. For example, in case your roof is stripped off, and the storm is on the way, a speedy installation may offer you a critical advantage.

5. LightWeight 

Metal roofing materials are lightweight and can save you money for engineering & building the supporting structure. This also makes it easy for contractors to apply some types of metal roofs over existing roofs, even without the need for additional structural support.

6. Expected Life

There’s no other roofing material more capable of protecting a building from hail, rain, wind and rot than a metal roof. Don’t forget that metal roof is resistant to fire, insects, mildew and rot. Homeowners also love the fact that most manufacturers stand behind their metal roofs by offering true lifetime warranties of 30-50 years.


Whether you are looking for a roofing material for your home or commercial building, you should consider using metal roofs. They are now being designed in looks that imitate everything from clay to slate to asphalt, which makes them perfect for all structures, from traditional to lodge and Mediterranean-style homes. Check out this site for more info on metal roofing.

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