Why Adding a Pond to Your Outdoor Landscape Is Beneficial

Landscape Is Beneficial

If you want to add a sense of serenity and peace to your outdoor environment, then installing a manmade pond is a way to achieve this goal. Especially today, the advantages of creating a backyard pond are good both for the soul as well as the environment. The watery habitats in their natural state are currently experiencing a marked decline through alteration and pollution. Therefore, from the standpoint of permaculture and conservation, installing a pond is extremely beneficial and useful.

Make a Difference for Wildlife

That is because small ponds are useful to a variety of wildlife including spiders, crustaceans, insects, reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish, and mammals. Even the smallest pond or one that is not over a metre squared can still be considered assistive to small animals. Because many species in the wild have shown large declines in the past thirty years, supplying a pond in your backyard is one way to make a difference for wildlife.

The Anatomy of a Backyard Pond

Small backyard ponds that are beneficial to the local wildlife usually contain the following kinds of components:

  • A shallow part for birds and amphibians to wade
  • An edge that features plants, some partially submerged
  • Large rocks and pieces of bark near the edge of the pond used as cover for small animals
  • One or two pond pumps depending on the layout of your watery retreat

Edible Pond Plants

Needless to say, ponds are an excellent addition in a yard for anyone who wishes to practice permaculture even on a very small scale. A small pond can create a more acceptable microclimate for the growing of backyard plants. Also, edible species of plants can be grown, including the following:

  • Wild rice
  • Wapato
  • Lotus, which also serves as a cover for fish
  • Pond lilies, another cover for fish as well
  • Cattails, which are good for water filtration or as a cover for young fish

Water Storage

Besides the practice of permaculture, a small backyard pond can also supply water storage. Having a clean supply of fresh water available for use can bring a homeowner added peace of mind. If done with forethought, the installation of a small pond can also take care of soggy areas or rain runoff in the yard. The presence of water also is beneficial for watering nearby plants.

An Educational Representation

A small pond is not only practical, it is also an installation that provides aesthetics and beauty. It can also serve as an educational tool when you teach your children about the environment. Life and death and reproduction can be explained through the addition of a backyard pond.


Even the smallest of ponds can become micro-habitats for various life forms. The magic of viewing amphibians, tadpoles, and dragonfly nymphs makes a positive impact on child’s environment and supplies inspiration for the naturalist.

A Place to Escape

If you want a place where you can escape, then adding a pond is one way to make the getaway as close as your own backyard. Learn more about pond installation and plan your own small oasis today.

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