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What is a fitted type of Carpet and why are They So Popular

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The fitted type of carpet is one that has been fixed to the floor of a room and finds its use in places like homes, offices and public places. They come in a varied range of styles and designs and may be fitted to a floor in different ways. After having a professional fitting, the carpet will then provide a space with stability, comfort and good looks.

  • Dimensions

The size and the shape of the fitted carpet will obviously depend on what the dimensions of the room or space are that is being carpeted. This is normally known by the term “wall-to-wall carpeting”. Other types of Buxtons fitted carpets can also be used to provide carpeting for a particular route, such as a plush red carpet as you see in a cinema, or a carpet for a certain space like the ones you find in the seating area of a hotel lobby. In a lot of these places, the carpeting will not cover the entire floor.

  • Underlay

The fitted wall-to-wall carpet will require what is called an underlay, and this is definitely the case if the fitted carpet is going to be laid over a wooden floor. The floor must be swept very clean and then prior to either the underlay or the carpet being put into place, gripper or tack strips are hammered in around the edges of the room. The carpet tack strip is a rectangular strip which contains tacks that are fixed to the carpet and the underlay which are then placed upon them.

  • Cutting

The underlay is then installed in the space where the carpet will be laid. Underlays get trimmed to size and joined together using strong carpeting tape and after being put into place, the carpet itself is then unrolled in strips and trimmed to size. When two rolls of carpet meet, sticky carpet tape is then applied to the whole length of the underside of both panels so that they can join neatly together. These types of seams and joins are usually placed in areas of minimal pedestrian traffic if possible.

  • Safer for Homes and Offices

With the installation of a fitted carpet in your home or office it will then be much safer due to a huge reduction in carpet movement across the area upon where it has been fitted. With an unfitted carpet, any kind of movement and loss of stability means that anyone who is walking on the carpet may be liable to slip, as the carpet can slide. Loose carpets may also get rucked, which can create ridges, which can then trip people up and cause accidents.

  • More Benefits

An ideally fitted carpet will provide great benefits to all homeowners and offices.

  1. First, they offer a high degree of comfort when walked upon.
  2. Secondly, they help in keeping any room warm with a reduction in heating bills
  3. Thirdly, you will discover a reduction in noise levels

Do yourself a favour and get yours fitted today and instantly notice the difference!

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