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What are the Advantages of Double glazed Windows


Most of you good people out there have heard of double glazed windows, right? But what about their advantages over other types of windows?

They actually have several major benefits over standard windows, such as:

  • Better insulation
  • A huge reduction in noise pollution
  • And are simple to clean

They also protect any items in your home from the sun’s UV damage, and can be easily slid open and locked with no worries at all.

Specification Details

A double glazed window, consists of two facing glass panels which are fitted into a frame and separated from each other by a small space 0.5 inches to 0.75 inches (12.7 – 19.05 mm) apart. This void may be filled with air or nontoxic gasses like argon, which help to improve insulation. Visually appealing decorative frames may also be fitted between the glass panels to provide the look of individual window panes.

  • The use of decorative inset frames makes the cleaning of double glazed windows very simple indeed, due to the glass being one solid panel.
  • Plus, inset frames are safeguarded from any of the elements, and remain as pristine and clean as the day they were purchased and fitted, no matter how soiled windows have become between cleanings.
  • The simple use of a squeegee can be utilised to get those lovely windows looking brand spanking new!

No Negatives with Double Glazing

Top quality and affordable double glazed windows in North London are also able to stop noise pollution from entering a home much more efficiently than standard windows. This is a blessing for those out there who live beside high traffic areas, schools, or when the neighbourhood gardeners are noisily doing their job!

Even though every kind of double glazed windows were originally thought of as energy-efficient, leaps and bounds in technology since the 1980s have now designed various grades of efficiency. Choosing the perfect windows will mean considerable savings in power bills, something which every single home owner wishes for.

For Use All Over the Country

For instance, framing materials hugely assist to the insulation properties of a window and in harsher cold climates, the outer frame should be made from wood, UPVC or fibreglass and with gas-filled windows. In other areas that have warmer that is not so harsh, aluminium frames and once again UPVC should be used, and air-filled windows are just fine.

One more factor in the effectiveness of double glazed windows are the various types of glazing or UV coatings. For those in cold regions, the grade of UV coating should let as much solar energy into a home as is possible to help maximise the warmth of the sun and lower heating costs. In other more Southern regions, UV coatings should be at a maximum to prevent solar heat and cut back on air conditioning usage. UV coatings will also help to protect floors, carpets, furniture and pictures from solar damage.

Once fitted, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to get them!

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