The vast majority of Australia is natural wilderness, and while we have sprawling cities and towns, many communities do not have the amenities that their city counterparts enjoy. Take water, for example, something that many city dwellers take for granted – you simply turn on the tap and there it is! Rural communities require water for both personal and commercial use, with farming relying heavily on water storage tanks and rain harvesting systems.

Modern Water Storage Tanks

The modern steel water tank is far removed from its predecessors, and with a choice of colours and a full 20-year warranty, the tank is ideal for either rain water harvesting or deep bore storage. If you are going to invest in a water storage tank, it makes sense to deal with the market leader, and there’s no company more experienced with designing and building water storage tanks than an Australian one.

Tailored to the Environment

There are no off the shelf solutions for water storage systems, therefore, each property must be evaluated and a bespoke system designed from the ground up. Fabrication would be carried out by the manufacturer, which reduces the chances of anything going wrong, and as a single company handles everything – even the base – they are confident in issuing such a long warranty. Every family’s water needs are different, and with effective use of rainwater harvesting, one can always be sure of having adequate water that is clean and ready to use.

Range of Sizes

You can have anything from 26,000 to over quarter of a million litres, and everything in between, which covers just about every scenario. The storage tanks can be interconnected, should you require more than one, and with the right base and a professional installation, you and your family’s water needs are taken care of.

Tank Liners

Perhaps the most critical of all the components that make up a modern water storage tank, the liner is the material that makes contact with the water, and if the liner is of top quality, it will ensure the water remains clean and free from contamination. The best tank liners use a multi-layered system that has all the properties to ensure clean and drinkable water at all times.

Online Solutions

If you would like to explore the possibilities of installing a modern steel water storage tank, the best place to start your quest is an online search, and once you have located the market leader, they would be only too happy to send an expert to your property to ascertain your needs and how best to meet them. This is indeed a specialised field, and while a rainwater harvesting system is not cheap, you can expect to enjoy several decades of trouble free use.

Bush fires are always a threat in a rural environment, and due to the remoteness of some communities, one cannot expect a prompt response from the emergency services, and by having your own emergency water supply, you can take action when it is needed, rather than sitting back waiting for the fire truck to arrive. Modern water storage systems are designed from the ground up to perfectly suit the customer’s needs and with a very long warranty, you really can’t go wrong.

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