Contract Flooring

Your floor probably takes the most abuse of any part of your home. You walk on your floor, your pets walk on the floor, and you put appliances and furniture as well as many other items on the floor. Floors can be scratched by moving furniture or pets’ claws. Also, they have to deal with spills and just general dirt. Finally, the floor has to remain in place throughout many different temperature and humidity changes. The floor is often subject to some of the greatest swings in temperature, especially if your subfloor is on the ground level. Throughout the summer, the ground will heat up and heat the floor. However, the air conditioner in your house will keep the rest of the house cool. So, a floor has to be able to deal with that temperature and humidity imbalance. For example, Bury St Edmunds has a generally mild climate but the humidity is very low. Whichever floor you choose there would have to be able to withstand the very dry climate.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is a great material for flooring because it offers you the opportunity to make a floor that is durable, resilient, and also very attractive. If you are just looking for a simple floor, a plain vinyl will serve your needs. You should get your vinyl from a place such as Fieldland Flooring. They will provide you with many different flooring options. The simplest flooring can be a single colour that is rolled out in a sheet and affixed to the subfloor.

If you choose a plain-coloured vinyl floor, you should consider a neutral colour that is somewhat dark. A dark neutral colour will hide dirt and scuffs very well; if you are looking for something utilitarian, it’s a very good choice. However, if you want something more elaborate, you can also get that from an expert in contract flooring in Bury St Edmunds.

Luxury Vinyl

Vinyl is well-liked as a flooring material because it can be made to resemble almost anything. Fieldland Flooring offers many different types of vinyl flooring that mimic various materials. The process is fairly simple; the vinyl is printed with a high-definition image that is then covered over with a protective polymer layer. So, vinyl can be made to mimic stone, timber, or any range of materials. It’s important to buy your floor from a very reputable seller that uses high-quality materials. That’s important because the look of the floor is just an image printed on the surface of the floor. If the image is not high-quality, it will not be convincing as a wooden floor or whatever other look you choose.

Choosing a Supplier

Choosing a supplier involves looking for one that has a wide range of options. They need to be a company big enough to have a lot of options for you and your floor but also small enough that they are responsive to your needs. That middle ground is where you will get the best customer service.

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