seashell picture frame diy

The best way to display your beautiful pictures is by using frames. Frames offer a simple and classy look for any kind of picture. The frames containing pictures can be hung on walls or placed on tables.

Just the same way as CleaningFinder which is a cleaning company has various good quality cleaning products that will leave your home or office smelling fresh, Frameology a company that frames photos has various type of modern frames that will complement your office or home style.

Traditionally, photo frames were made of wood which is however still common although other materials have been introduced. A photo frame can be of any texture or color and has a pane of glass to protect the photo. The glass on a photo frame may be treated with an anti-reflective coating to make it invisible under light. When a photo frame is required to be exposed to sun or too much lighting, a UV filtering may be added to lower the degradation of the photo materials.

The first type of frame is the aluma architek. This frame comes in the fine art version and the agency version. The agency version is made of a single acrylic layer which presses a picture against an aluminum base. This makes framing the pictures easy and fast. Also various picture sizes can be framed on the same frame. The fine art version on the other hand is made of a pre-cut acrylic matte that prevents the top acrylic layer from getting in contact with the photo. Each of the fine art frames comes with a sheet of Mylar backing.

The second type of frame is the metal frame. A metal photo frame is versatile and durable. Metal frames are the most common types of frames and they are a variety ranging from formal to simple. They can be bought in chrome, pewter, brass or sterling silver. A metal frame can add a classy style on of photo.

The third type of frame is the wooden frame. Wooden frames come with a matte finish. They are perfect for your office or home and they can be placed on a table or hanged on the wall. The pictures in wooden frames can also be interchanged by just lifting the tabs behind the frame and inserting a new photo and then replacing the back.

The fourth type of picture frames is the padded or cloth frame. These frames give you the benefit of having your frame match with your room décor. Cloth frames can fit in any room theme or mood.

The fifth type of picture frames is the digital frame. A digital picture frame shows you various pictures by storing them. The pictures change continuously or cycle. Your pictures get displayed in the way that you want and these frames look like miniature computer screens. The digital picture frames also support video and music file formats. They are great for displaying multiple pictures and they come with a supporting stand. You can visit Frameology to know more about this.

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