Upgrading Your Home

If you are considering remodelling your home, you probably want to do it from the ground up. After all, no one wants to bring in new furniture and put it on a dirty carpet. If you already have carpeting, it may be time to replace it with something a little less worn in. Whatever your reason for desiring new flooring, find a company that can fit all of your carpeting needs.

What Kinds of Carpet Are There?

When looking for carpets in Havant, keep in mind that there are several styles available. Finding a carpet to suit your needs may prove difficult if you don’t know what’s out there. Some popular styles include:

  • Berber or loop
  • Shag
  • Patterned
  • Plush
  • Textured

Each of these styles of carpeting has its own unique purpose. Berber carpet holds up well in high-traffic areas. So, if you host a lot of parties or have children running up and down the halls, Berber might be a good choice. One thing to consider for Berber, or loop, carpeting is pets. Pets’ claws tend to be able to damage Berber carpeting the easiest.

Shag carpeting also hides footprints, making it great for high-traffic areas. It’s comfortable to walk on and doesn’t easily give the appearance of being walked all over. Patterned carpet also holds up well. This kind of carpeting works great for businesses and typically the patterns look as if they are cut into the carpeting. These do well for hiding soils or unsightly stains. Businesses might consider these carpets because they are easier to maintain.

Textured carpeting is the most popular type of carpeting. This has an uneven surface and is great for casual areas. If you are looking for a carpet to give a more elegant appearance, plush might be the better choice. Plush carpeting looks a bit more formal but it is incredibly soft. The only downfall is that it shows footprints and vacuum marks easily. However, it still may be a great bedroom carpet.

Who Should I Hire?

A company that offers not only great carpet selection but the ability and crew to install it should be your first consideration. Laying carpet takes a lot of precision so a company that can install it for you leaves you little work aside from enjoying your new carpet.

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