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Types Of Door Hardware And The Places They Are Used

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Safety is one of the main issues when it comes to maintaining the house. And for protecting the house one must use doors and windows. Therefore, at the time of choosing doors for your home as well as office some points should be kept in mind. Stylish looking doors are attractive but that does not mean it will be hardy as well. Again, a door should be easily opened by selective persons. They can be adults, child or aged person. So, in that case, safety is a big issue. In one line, a door should be hardy, smooth, stylish-looking and should have a safety lock which cannot be broken easily.

To choose a door one must know types of door and door knobs and where they should be used. Doorknobs have various applications. For example – bathroom door, closet door, exterior door etc. Each type of door has their specific type of doorknobs. Information of each type is given below along with their uses.

Entrance Keyed Doorknobs:

This type of doorknobs is usually used on the exterior doors generally the entrance or the garage door. The knob varies according to the manufacturer. On the outer portion it shows a keyed cylinder on the left side and the inner portion there is a push button lock. When the knob is turned from outside the inside push button lock is released. Every brand has their own style, therefore, they differ in the system. Office door hardware generally has this type of lock system.

Passage Doorknobs:

They are also called hall and closet doorknob. These types of doorknobs are non-locking and do not have locking buttons or keyed cylinders like entrance keyed doorknobs. Therefore, this type of lock is used in those places where much privacy is not needed. Closets and laundry rooms have this type of doorknobs.

Privacy Doorknobs:

These types of doorknobs are used where privacy is needed but keyed lock is not necessary. The structure and the mechanism of this knob is kind of similar to the entrance keyed doorknobs but it also varies according to the manufacturer. There is a pinhole on the left of the outside portion and on the inside, there is a push button lock which gets released when the button is turned on. They are used in bedrooms and bathrooms where a generic key is provided which can unlock the knob when inserted into the pinhole.

Dummy Knobs:

Dummy Knobs are different from other residential door hardware. They are one-sided and do not have any working part. Surface mount procedure is applied to this type of knobs. They are usually mounted from behind as a cabinet knob. Dummy Knobs are also known as a double dummy when sold in pairs and are used on the sets of double doors. Dummy Knobs are generally used in the shallow closet as one do not have to close the door after getting inside the closet. This type of closets generally has a magnet at the top to hold the door and keep it closed when not in use.

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