Tips to buy and hire for Artificial Grass Installation providers

Tips to buy and hire for Artificial Grass Installation providers

With an increasing demand of artificial and synthetic turfs the range of grass types in the market is also growing rapidly. So are the installation methods and the service providers of the same. Artificial Grass is normally installed in the outside of the house. There are rarely houses that have synthetic turfs installed even on the insides. Selecting the right turf that will suit your requirements can get challenging at times. It is best not to take any risk and know what all to consider while purchasing or even analyzing New Lawn Artificial Grass. The natural grass lawns demand both ongoing cost as well as high maintenance issue whereas; it is not the same with fake grass. They do not involve serious maintenance and is also a very cost-effective option if you come to think of it.

Here’s a guide that you must consider before selecting a synthetic turf.

Grass choosing Variable:


The best quality synthetic grass has a weight or density around 3kg per meter square. Checking the density of the turf is crucial as is the pile height.


Pile height is an important feature that is to be considered when purchasing an artificial grass. New Lawn Artificial Grass gives you some of the best synthetic turf options. The long pile height emits the green luscious look and the vibrancy is maintained. The average pile height that the turf should have to stay protected from having a flat-look is 30 to 37 mm. The pile height is highly responsible for the log of the artificial lawn.


The huge numbers of landscape designing companies that are available often send in samples of grass from you to choose from. But, these samples are small so, when they visit, ask them for slightly bigger samples that will help you choose better. Apart from that you can even visit the official website of the supplier or the installer that you are looking forward to hire, and check out their


Are you shocked to read color as a variable while choosing your own putting green? Yes, it is true. Synthetic or artificial grass now comes in a variety of colors other than green. Apart from that the greens also come in varied shades. For a more natural look to your precious lawn choose the shade wisely.

Look up a few installers:

It is a onetime investment that you are about to make with the installation of the putting greens. So why not make it totally worth it with the right choice of installers. Now, how is it that you will opt for the right one? For that you need to read reviews and online testimonials or the best option being, take references from friends, family and close associates. The name of New Lawn Artificial Grass has become quite famous around UK and surrounding regions. Most importantly before you give the contract, do talk out the guarantee issues.

Thus, the above two are the two major factors and sub-factors should be taken into serious consideration while purchasing or selecting the best artificial grass type.

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