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Things to Consider When Looking for a Window / Door Supplier

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Your door is used daily and takes constant abuse.  It will frequently be slammed shut, intentionally or otherwise and it is exposed to all the elements.  Over time the appearance of your windows and doors can worsen as even PVC is affected by constant wind, rain, hot and cold.  If you live in a house for several years it is likely that you will consider changing your windows and doors.  To ensure you select the best ones for your needs it s essential to choose the right window and door supplier.  The following points should be considered before you commit to any order:


One of the most important considerations when selecting a window and door supplier is how good their reputation is.  Obviously it is likely that those with the best reputation will have the highest prices but this is not always true.  Windows and doors are an investment and you need to get the right firm.

The best starting point is to ask your friends and family which firms they know about and can personally recommend.  In addition to this it is worth consulting the social media sites to see what is being said about a specific supplier.  It is important to bear in mind that one negative comment should not mean you disregard a particular supplier.  Only if the trend is negative should you do this!

Range of Products

It is also important to consider the range of products available at each window and door supplier.  There are hundreds of different styles and levels of windows and doors; if you are going to replace yours then you will want to have the widest possible selection to choose from.  Most window and door suppliers will have a catalogue which you can look through to assess your favorite style.

Time Scale

You may not be in a rush to have your new windows and doors supplied and fitted.  In which case, the time factor may be irrelevant.  However if you do need them fairly quickly you will have to look at how long each firm will take to get your preferred windows and doors.  You may even have to consider choosing different ones or extending your own deadline to allow them to be produced for you.  This is one factor which is frequently overlooked and can be very annoying.  It is better to plan well in advance to ensure you are not disappointed.


Finally it is likely that the cost of the windows and doors will have some bearing on your supplier decision.  It is always worth obtaining several quotes to ensure you have the best price possible.  Ideally the three quotes you get should all be within the same price bracket.  If not you will need to question what the difference is, if any.

It is also important to assess the attitude of your potential supplier as you will need to work with them.  A smooth relationship will make it much easier if you experience complications or need to make any adjustments during or just after the installation.

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