The World’s Garbage Problem: Doing Your Part

Garbage Problem

On an annual basis, our Earth generates upwards of 1.3 billion tons of waste; yes, that’s billion with a “B”. While that might be a cause for concern, it’s nothing compared to the prediction for the year 2100: four billion tons of waste annually.

It’s important to note that this is natural to a certain extent because of the intense population boom over the past several decades but it doesn’t mean that it’s okay to ignore the issue by any stretch of the imagination. The problem actually lies in the corner of our trash collectors. Instead of charging a quantity-based fee such as those that you’ll find on your electric, utility, and water bills, our waste disposal teams charge a flat fee or include it within the property taxes we pay each year. This causes people to pay very little attention to what they’re throwing out when they’re disposing of it and how much garbage is actually being discarded each day.

In order to have a positive environmental impact and feel better about your contributions, the easiest place to start enacting changes is in your waste disposal routine.

A Broken System

In a perfect world, our waste disposal infrastructure would feature avid recycling, streamlined expulsion of hazardous materials, and an organised approach to creating landfills and disposal sites. However, this is not the case. Our waste disposal tactics feature unregulated dumpsites, illegal garbage plants, polluted rivers, and precarious trash-burning protocols. The effects of these practices are incredibly harmful and each one seems to be worse than the last. From polluted water sources and garbage-clogged drainage systems to the resulting respiratory infections and cases of chronic diarrhoea, our world’s garbage issue is quickly turning into a health crisis.

Fortunately, you can turn to professional rubbish removal in Sydney for a much-needed solution.

Disposing of Waste in a Safe Manner

Regardless of whether your garbage problem rests in a commercial or residential environment, your local rubbish removal company is here to help. As they operate outside the scope of municipal waste management companies, they are held to a much higher standard in terms of quality of service, timeliness, and cleanliness. The very best firms pride themselves on adhering to E-Waste stipulations that ensure the safe disposal of electronics, chemicals, and industrial materials. This means that your outdated printers, computers, screens, and stereo systems can be safely disposed in an eco-friendly and affordable manner.

When you first call a professional rubbish removal team, the company experts will have to ascertain the scope of your rubbish needs. Whether you’re cleaning out an estate, conducting spring cleaning, or simply trying to ditch an inordinate amount of trash, the waste disposal professionals will have to assess and quantify the scope the project first. Then, you’ll be able to schedule the removal according to your daily routine at a cost-effective rate.

After reading this article, you might get an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach with regard to your current waste disposal practices. However, it’s never too late to make a change. By calling on a reputable rubbish removal firm in your area, you can start effecting changes to your trash routine, which will naturally have a positive impact on our beautiful planet.


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