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Basically, a computer desk is designed to provide a comfortable working surface while using computers. Their designs make it possible to conceal cables and other computer peripherals such as speakers, printer, and mouse.

Modern computer desks have an adjustable keyboard tray.

There are numerous varieties of computer desks available in different shapes and forms. When it comes to buying a computer desk, there are a couple of factors that you need to consider. They include:

  1. What type of computer will you be using at the desk? This will determine whether to get a computer desk or laptop desk.
  2. Is the table ready-to-assemble or does it come pre-assembled from the factory? Getting a factory assembled desk will save you a lot of time and labor.
  3. How much space do you have available? This will dictate the size and shape of the computer desk that you can get.
  4. What kind of chair do you need for the desk? A good chair should provide support to encourage proper posture and reduce fatigue.
  5. What kind of surface does the desk have? Is it a laminate surface, a veneer surface or wooden surface? The type of finish plays a major role is the desk’s durability.
  6. What is the general office setting? Consider how the desk will function with your office setting.


There has been increased attention to the computer desks’ ergonomics. Improvements have been made to the designs and features to make the desks more efficient and easy to use.

   Key ergonomic features to look out for include:

  • Adjustable height for the working surface
  • Pull-out keyboard trays
  • Cable management channels
  • Elevated shelves for monitors

You will spend a lot of time at your desk daily. If possible try out the prospective desk to have a feel of how it will be like working at the desk. Ensure that the desk is the right height and that there is enough leg room. One with adjustable leg heights is often more versatile.

It’s also important to make sure that the chair fits well under the table when no one is sitting on it.

Desk Shape

There are very many different shapes available. There is the corner desk, the traditional rectangular desk, the L-shaped and the U-shaped desk. Get one that fits well into your space, and that can also be adaptable when moved to a different room.

  • Corner desks save space and can fit in different room layouts
  • Straight desks are versatile for placement and for that reason, they are the most common
  • L-shaped desks allow you enough space to stretch and also require less space
  • U-shaped desks keep everything you need within reach

Storage Space and Working Surface

I cannot overemphasize on the need for a sufficiently flat surface to work on.

It’s also important that you get a functional desk in terms of storage and organization. Get a desk that has drawers for your supplies.

Construction and Quality

Regardless of what style you are looking for, it’s advisable that you make some practical considerations when it comes to the material used for construction. Would you rather use a metal desk or wooden computer desks?

Wooden desks are a more classic choice while metallic desks are more durable.


When you are shopping for a computer desk, it’s important to focus on some issues such as your work needs, the desired image you would like to create, and the size of the office. Most furniture stores have a wide variety of desks to meet your needs, at whatever budget you set.

Before you start perusing the computer desk options that are available, make a checklist of what you require to work effectively; including what you need to work and how you work. Will you need a printer? Do you need extra storage space? After that, you can move to other considerations like aesthetics, space, and budget.

Make sure you have the right measurements for the room and compare it with the desk’s measurements to be sure that the desk will fit properly.

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