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Many years ago, the traditional plumber was restricted to the basics, and apart from installing plumbing systems from scratch, he would be able to deal with repairs whenever required. Today, however, the modern plumber has an arsenal of high tech weapons to enable plumbing repairs, and also a whole range of essential services that the British homeowner might require, and if you are unsure of the scope of a plumber’s work, here are a few of the jobs they are able to do.

  • Repair Leaks – This is one of the main duties of a plumber, and the leak could be simply a faulty tap or a leaking joint that is evident, or it might be an undetected leak, which is much harder to locate. Today’s plumber employs high technology leak detection systems that can pinpoint the source of the leak without causing any damage.
  • Burst Water Pipe – This is perhaps the most damaging of all plumbing issues, and the very first thing to do is turn off the water at the mains supply. If you do not know the location of the mains tap, it is a good idea to locate it before any emergency occurs. If you happen to live in Essex, and are looking for a Chelmsford plumber, there are affordable contractors who specialise in domestic repairs. This is usually a stressful experience for the homeowner and the faster you can stop the water flow, the better, and by calling out an emergency plumbing contractor quickly, the damage will be limited.
  • Blocked Drains – Any drain blockage requires the attention of a plumber, and they have the tools to unblock anything. Often, foods scraps cause a blockage as they are flushed down the kitchen sink, and for this reason, you should have a special small bin nearby, which can be used for food leftovers, and you could always start up a compost area in a corner of the garden and this is the ideal place to throw food scraps.
  • Washing Machine Connections – If you buy a new washing machine, you will need the services of a plumber to connect up the mains water. This might involve running a section of water piping to the machine and connecting a special tap, which will feed the washing machine, then he would connect up the waste water outlet directly to a pipe that runs into the drain.
  • Toilet Blockage – Sooner or later, every homeowner experiences problems with the waste flow of the toilet, which can be very unpleasant. If this should ever happen, resist the temptation to clear the blockage yourself, as this can make the problem worse. Better to call in an emergency plumber who can quickly unblock the system.

Plumbers also install complete water and waste systems in new buildings, and with their expert advice the system design will be one that facilitates an efficient flow of water. There are online emergency plumbers and a simple search should give you the contact number, should you need urgent assistance.


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