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The screen door is something of an iconic type of door for many different reasons. It is iconic of different times throughout history, typically places that are very rural. For a time, screen doors were popular in the Australian Outback. They have always been and remain popular in the American South. They allow you to open windows or doors without having to worry about bugs getting into your house. That allows you to let a breeze through the house without also inviting in the intruders. Screen doors and window screens of the 21st century are even more advanced. They keep out even more intruders.

Keeping Out Intruders

If you want a screen, you should consider security doors in Bunbury. The security screens that are available now come in many different materials and different textures. The biggest concern is the size of the space between wires. It needs to be big enough that wind can easily pass through to create a nice breeze; however, the spaces need to be small enough that rain does not easily pass through and neither do bugs. Those are considerations that you need to have. There are also security concerns from human intruders.

If you are worried about human intruders into your home or business, you need a security screen. A security screen is made of a metal or a synthetic material that needs to pass three different tests.

Three Different Tests

There are three different tests your security door needs to pass before you trust it with the safety and security of your family or your business. It needs to pass a knife test, an impact test, and a jemmy test. The knife shear test means that it will not easily be cut open by someone slashing with a knife. Typically, criminals don’t want to spend a lot of time sawing away at your door. If the door sustains several determined knife slashes, the intruders will typically just go away.

The impact test is a test of blunt force trauma. If they cannot cut through your door, criminals might attempt to just force their way through it. If it can pass an impact test, it will protect you from that kind of trauma, such as from a hammer. Finally, there is the jemmy test.

A jimmy is a short crowbar, and jemmying is the act of using a jimmy. If a criminal cannot get into your house using force, he or she might attempt to pry the door open. If your safety screen passes all three tests, it is likely a trustworthy screen that won’t disappoint you.

Window screens and screen doors keep out more than just mosquitoes now. The right one can keep your home and your business safe from unwanted intruders of all kinds.

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