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If your home is looking a little tired, it could be that a brand-new carpet or even some modern vinyl tiles might be the best way to revive it. Our flooring takes a beating over the years, especially in high-traffic areas. Muddy shoes, boots, dirt, food stains, and pets all combine to damage the floor coverings in our homes and no amount of vacuuming can make them look good again!

Choosing New Carpets

The good news is that the best carpet suppliers in Bolton have a wide range of colour options and carpet types from which to choose. Here are a few considerations before choosing a carpet:

  • Traffic: How much foot traffic is there going to be where the new carpet is laid? This will largely determine how hard-wearing the carpet needs to be.
  • Colours: These days, there are a huge range of colours from which to choose when it comes to carpets. Choosing the right colour is a matter of personal taste but matching to existing décor and furnishings is always a good idea.

More than Just Carpet

Of course, floor coverings have come a long way since the old plush piles of yesteryear. Vinyl tiles might once have been considered cheap and nasty but modern vinyl tiles are really hard-wearing, scuff-proof, and available in an attractive range of styles. It may even be that vinyl tiles are more suitable for the home than new carpets, giving it a fresh and modern look.

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