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Heating in your home is an important part of remaining comfortable during the winter months. A good boiler can produce ample heat even in the most spacious home. These need to be maintained, however, to perform at their best. When a boiler becomes old or worn, it can cause significant danger to your home. Overheating is one of the most common issues that occurs when a boiler dysfunctions.


It is important to pay attention to the condition of your boiler. When it begins to go bad, you may notice that it is not working as well as it did before. It may begin to act erratically. It is possible that your home may suddenly become cold, indicating that the boiler has shut off. A safety shut-off system may prevent danger by recognising when the boiler overheats. In older models, however, one that is overheating may not turn off at all. Pay attention to subtle changes to maintain safety.

  • Switching off
  • Cutting out
  • Not shutting off at all

What to do

When you notice that the boiler is acting odd, call for professional help immediately. Since these malfunctions can be dangerous, help usually arrives quickly. Sometimes a repair can help, while other times a replacement is necessary. Consider the age of your boiler when making this decision. There are some great options for boiler replacement in BlackHeath.

Have your boiler checked annually to avoid problems. The beginning of the winter season is the best time to do this. This way you can make sure everything is running well before the first major cold spell. If you do notice overheating, call immediately for help to avoid a dangerous situation.



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