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Lighting Your Restaurant: More than Just a Bright Idea

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It doesn’t matter what type of restaurant you are starting: getting the lighting right is crucial. Dining out and ambience go hand-in-hand and nothing kills the mood faster than poor lighting.

To add drama or create a cosy intimate environment, look no further than your decorative lighting. There are numerous options available in all types of materials, shapes, and sizes, all designed to enhance the exact mood you are creating.

A restaurant set for romantic evenings won’t have the same lighting as a BBQ place, which will in turn be different from a restaurant designed for wealthy business-minded clients.

In every case, there are a few basic concerns that you’ll have to address. Let’s take a peek.

Bright or Black?

Your priority when picking a lighting option for your restaurant is to ensure that there’s enough light to see the food and drinks you are giving your patrons. As you probably know, it’s very hard to eat or enjoy eating in the dark. Nightclubs can own the darkness, but you’ll need to step it up a notch.

On the other end of the spectrum, if the lighting is overly bright, it makes the room look harsh and unfavourable. Lighting plays a crucial role in how your customers will see both the colour and layout of the decor. Invest in lighting that has a dimmer switch. This gives you exact control over how much light goes into the space at any one time.

Understand Your Patrons’ Movement and Behaviour

Design the lighting scheme around the flow of your restaurant. For instance, if your restaurant provides a buffet, an island of light should be created around that buffet. This allows customers to see the food available and it also directs them to the buffet itself. Similarly, lighting can also direct people to the bathroom or at least be positioned over the signage directing them there.

In a newer trend, more and more restaurants are using lighting in the bar to show off their best wines and liquors. You can use this strategic lighting in a variety of ways to influence the customers’ purchasing behaviour. Think dessert cases, sushi bars, and live grill areas.

Allow for Some Flexibility

Design and fashion innovation heavily influence the food industry. You know that the menu needs to be updated often to keep customers coming back and to keep the food exciting and fresh. Well, so does the interior design and lighting. These don’t have to be drastic changes but updating the space every now and then can keep your restaurant “hip”.

For this reason, it’s suggested that you avoid installing any lighting styles that will limit your ability to renovate and refresh the restaurant. LED lighting is a popular choice right now precisely because it offers flexibility and its glow isn’t overly intense. Plus, LED lights can come in a wide array of colours, offering you even greater control over the restaurant’s ambience and feel. They are also incredibly energy efficient, keeping overhead down.

If you’re looking for the latest in options, there are several lighting retailers throughout the area.

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