A skip is a great way to clean your house or garden. Hiring a skip is a great choice since it increases the amount of space you have for throwing away items. You will have more than just your own trash cans or a nearby dumpster. You can choose how much space you need. Then, the company from which you hire the skip will deliver it to your house. Once you’ve filled it, you can call them back and they’ll retrieve the skip. It’s very minimal work for you other than just filling up the skip with rubbish. The type of rubbish and the amount of rubbish you’re getting rid of will decide how large your skip needs to be.

Spring Cleaning

If you’re just cleaning your house or even doing a deep cleaning, a midi skip will probably suffice. It is the smallest sized skip, and would not fit a lot of furniture or appliances. However, if you’re just throwing away rubbish and cleaning supplies, a midi is a perfectly fine Hampshire skip hire. However, if you have more items to throw away or larger objects to get rid of, you will need a larger skip.

6-10 yard Skips

The most common size for a skip is somewhere between 6 and 10 cubic yards, which is enough to throw away a lot of rubbish, appliances, and even a mattress. If you are throwing away mattresses, you need to ask the company from which you hired whether or not you can actually dispose of mattresses. Since mattresses take up a lot of space and make it difficult to secure a load, it is not always acceptable to dispose of mattresses. Many companies will ask that you only throw away one, and that you keep it on top of the load.

Larger skips are also available if you’re clearing away brush or if you’re doing any kind of demolition.

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