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How Roof Lanterns Can Bring Light Into Your Entire Home

Roof Lanterns

Roof lanterns are a great accessory to an extension or conservatory in any design style. One thing that is often overlooked about them, however, is that they actually bring with them the potential to fill not just that specific space with light, but also other areas of your home.

 The Benefits of Natural Light in Your Home

 With a roof lantern the light will pour into the space you have just created for sure, but when you look further, the angle of the skylight can make a huge difference to the rest of your home. Whether you have a kitchen in the adjacent room, or a living area, the light can reach areas of your home that just weren’t reachable before through your normal, smaller, windows.

Make the Space Appear Bigger and More Welcoming

 Natural light brings with it a whole host of benefits, including the way it makes the space you have look bigger and more open, transforming previously dark and dingy rooms into warm, welcoming and enticing rooms to spend time in. It also helps you to save energy in the long-term as you are less in need of putting the lights on due to the longer periods of light present, balancing the light throughout the day.

 Reduce Your Heating Costs

 In terms of heating bills, a roof lantern can also be a godsend, with the structural design offering a strong and secure, environmentally friendly addition to your property. Insulated glass on the fully sealed roof lantern assists in reducing draughts and heat loss and with the larger quantities of natural light heating up that area of your home, you’ll find it takes longer to reach for the thermostat, allowing you to save money on your heating bills.

 Add a Dash of Style to Your Property

 A roof lantern is a great way to achieve style, whilst merging with an exquisite design aesthetic that pleases the eye. Ornate, stylish and eye catching, roof lanterns can match the style and period of your property perfectly, so you can sit back and relax, feeling calm from the flow of natural light and space, whilst looking up at your new roof lantern and the style it adds to your property.

Custom Made Roof Lanterns

 When thinking about an extension, conservatory or orangery to add to your home, have a think about how a roof lantern could help shape the space to suit your needs. Thinking about light and how the rooms attached to this new room will be positively affected by it from different design types, you can plan accordingly. Speak to roof lantern suppliers about a custom made design to fit your property and bring the most amount of light to your home. Roof lanterns can add so much value to your property, in a financial and sentimental sense, make the most of a tailor made design for your property.

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