If you have ever wondered what the ideal temperature is for hot water, experts suggest that it is 44 degrees Celsius in the shower. According to one publication, hot water heaters can supply water as high as 60 degrees Celsius. To keep from getting burned, doctors suggest that you set a shower no higher than 49 degrees Celsius.

Whilst the above recommendations may work for anyone whose water temperature is fairly consistent, they are not notable if your water’s temperature fluctuates. Any inconsistency can be aggravating, if not dangerous. Whilst a random blast of cold or hot water is eye-opening, it needs to be addressed immediately, especially if you have young children in your household.

Reasons for Inconsistencies

According to plumbers in East Sussex, the common reasons for water temperature inconsistencies include the following:

  • Insufficient water heat size
  • Adjacent appliances
  • A faulty valve

Whilst you should have professional plumbers address serious system problems, you can do some quick troubleshooting in some cases yourself. For example, when reviewing the water temperature, you should take the following steps:

  • Isolate the issue. For example, run the shower and test the temperature without using other appliances that consume water. Next, use two showers simultaneously to see if any temperature variances occur.
  • Briefly inspect the water heater. Give the water heater a quick visual evaluation. If the problem is with the pilot light, contact a plumber.
  • Reset the thermostat. If the device is tripping routinely, it is not operating as it should.

Usually, the most common problem with temperature inconsistencies is a faulty temperature regulator. If the automatic shut-off does not work, the water heater will continue to heat water.


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