Home is where the heart is. But sometimes, that heart can get outdated. Over time, our personalities naturally change. They mature and develop and often times we are not the same person who we were 5 years ago. It’s perfectly normal and it’s something to be expected actually. I mean, the way your dress and style yourself now is way different than what you wore back in high school, right?

It’s exciting whenever you go shopping to try out a new style. But, it’s even better when you switch up your interior style. Our homes reflect our personality. And when that changes, usually so do our interiors. Some people choose to do big-time renovations to completely change the whole look of the house. While others on a smaller budget opt to buy a few home furnishings here and there to give the home an updated feel. No matter which, there are plenty of ways to rework your style.

A Moroccan Paradise

Homes are supposed to feel like an oasis you escape to after a hard day’s work. As you grow older and settle into a long-term home, this becomes even truer. What better way to make your home feel even more relaxing than by adding vacation-like elements to the design? Now, I’m not saying you need to plant palm trees and put sand in your living room. But, think about your favorite exotic locations and incorporate that into the house. Example, if you get tiles from Perini Tiles, it can transform whatever room you put them into a Moroccan paradise. It’s an ingenious way to update how the house feels without necessarily having to undergo a major renovation.

Getting a New Room

Ok so maybe you don’t really need to build a brand-new room. But, what you can do is to simply update how it looks. Old wallpaper or paint can start to crack and dissolve after some time. Instead of replacing them with the same color or style why not try something different? A fresh coat of paint can instantly change how you approach the room. And why stop there? Once you change the hue the room will feel so different you might want to replace the furniture. Focusing on one room instead of the entire house is an efficient way to improve the style without going overboard.

Start Little by Little

If changing the entire house is too much of an undertaking then it’s always best to start little by little. Do one room first, or even one wall. Change the paint, or add details like the Perini Tiles and it’ll be much different. You don’t have to force yourself to do a grand makeover just to make the house feel different. Even the slightest details can have the biggest impact.

Redecorating or redesigning your house should be an exciting task to do. It’s a chance to switch up your home style and give it a different feel. Just remember to start small and have fun along the way.


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