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Enhance Interior or Exterior Environment with High-Quality Wall Panels


One of the latest trends in interior and exterior design is that the space that we move through should not only be seamless, but should also connect the natural environment with trends in architecture. A major part of any commercial project is in the rendering of the aesthetic qualities of the finished building. This is where form follows the latest trends in design philosophies.

For example, if we look at some of the most iconic buildings in the world, we see that they speak to a design aesthetic that truly reflects the time of their construction. Take the Empire State building in New York, for example. It exemplifies the modernist aesthetic that dominated the era and provides an impression of timelessness, solidity, density, and function. Or look at the Guggenheim building in the same city. It exemplifies the natural world through its curvilinear architecture and continues this aesthetic as people move seamlessly upwards through the space to the top without the assistance of the angular stairways normally associated with ascent.

We may not perceive it on a conscious level, but good design unifies our experience in a space and connects us to our surroundings seamlessly and completely.

Connecting to the Natural World and Natural Materials

Though many people may not perceive it, we are surrounded by elements of design that cause a cognitive assonance or dissonance in us. When we walk through our local shopping centre, we are walking through the aesthetic vision of the architectural firm and the designers. The subconscious effect that this has on us is a large part of the way we react to our environment, the way we interact with others in the same environment, and our mood.

One of the latest trends in design is the installation of decorative wall panels in both commercial and domestic environments. This is where function meets form and where it has a subtle effect on our psychology. From the point of view of the designer, the wall panels represent a cost-effective method of connecting the space with the people within it. How is this achieved? Consider the following:

  • Texture and pattern: Currently, popular wall panels are designed to look like stone and other natural materials. In those that do not specifically emulate a natural material, the underpinning design philosophy is one of simulating the organic textures and patterns we find in the natural world.
  • Durability: Modern wall panels are not only lightweight but are also made of a tough and durable material that is easy to clean, mould-resistant, and waterproof. This means that they can be installed indoors or outdoors equally.

Experiencing Space Differently

Premium-quality wall panels are found in many places including but not limited to shopping centres, homes, corporate offices, bars and restaurants, and government buildings. Their durability and capacity to connect us with the natural world through organic texture and pattern mean that we can experience a space that is seamless.

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