Converting a Crawlspace into a Basement

There are always homeowners who feel that they need more space in their home. They don’t necessarily want to move, or can’t afford to move so they need to find ways to get more out of what they’ve already got. If your home has a crawlspace, you can utilize the space by converting it into a full-sized basement. Compared with building a new addition, converting a crawlspace is a relatively cost-effective solution, which will add value to your house if you do eventually decide to sell.
Most crawlspaces are 1-4 ft in height, they exist to provide access to electricals, plumbing and heating systems throughout the house. They aren’t however practical living spaces, besides the fact that they are too small, there’s usually no flooring beyond dirt and no insulation.
If increased in height to the size of a basement a crawlspace presents an opportunity for much needed extra living space.
Converting a crawlspace is a lengthy and complex job. To start the foundation for one would need replacing, which means the house must be lifted off the foundation so a new one can be set. Heavy machinery is required to temporarily jack-up the house so that a new foundation and walls can be poured as well as work to the drainage. Once the house is on its new foundation the plumbing and electricals etc.. may need moving too.
There is a lot of planning involved with converting a crawlspace into a basement, as well as ensuring that the project meets all local building code requirements. It’s a good idea to take the time to find a reputable contractor to help manage the whole process and ensure all necessary procedures are handled correctly.
It’s important to remember that converting a crawlspace isn’t right for everyone. It is a major home renovation project which requires careful planning and significant investment.
Article written by High Caliber Contracting LLC, house lifting contractors in Connecticut for over 25 years.

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