Your boiler is responsible for your central heating. But a lot of things can go wrong with a boiler, leaving you chilly and frustrated. While you should definitely consider hiring a professional to fix your boiler, there are a lot of common boiler problems that you should know about so when your boiler is having problems, you can diagnose the problem to save the boiler repair technician a little bit of time.

Radiator Isn’t Working

You should know that if your radiator isn’t completely hot when it’s on, there might be a problem with your boiler. If it’s hot at the bottom but cold at the top, you might have an issue with your boiler pump or perhaps there might be issues with the air buildup or the pipes.

When it comes to boilers – servicing, replacements, and repairs in Bath, you’ll find it helpful to tell your boiler repair technician about the problems you’re experiencing so that he or she can be prepared when he or she comes to your home to fix your boiler.

Pilot Light Won’t Stay on

If your pilot light is having trouble staying on, you could have a problem with your thermocouple. You should hire a professional boiler repair technician right away.

Boiler Randomly Turns Off

If your boiler keeps turning off, it could be suffering from a range of problems. Low pressure, problems with the thermostat, and broken pumps can cause the boiler to stop working at seemingly random times. If this happens, you should probably book an appointment with your local boiler repair technician.

Lost Pressure

If your boiler isn’t holding pressure, there might be an issue with the expansion vessel. As with a lot of common boiler problems, when you’re in doubt, you can always call a professional.

You should know that it’s always safer to call a professional when working with a boiler as you could injure yourself if you don’t take the proper safety precautions or you might even worsen the problem if you attempt to fix it yourself.


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