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Canvas painting is a beautiful form of art and the world is gradually starting to take interest in it like never before. Whether it be acrylic painting, oil painting or water colours, there is a high demand in customised paintings amongst people. It might seem like a tricky task but if you get the techniques right and know how to do it well, it will be a seamlessly hassle free task for you. It will save you time from endlessly spending time in finding the right artist to do it for you. The internet has however made the task easy for you and searching for the right professional artist to do your piece of art has caught up its craze among people. A reference picture is all that is needed to recreate its magic on canvas. But how do you decide on which picture is right for your painting?

If you are looking for the perfect painting for yourself, you have to be really careful about the picture. How your photo is, will decide the end result of your painting. In the beginning, you might be confused about which picture would be the ideal choice but when that happens imagine that picture being transformed into a painting – your mind will narrow down on a handful of choices. This could also mean you spending many hours or days in confirming on any one. But there is nothing abnormal about it!

Now here in we will give you a couple of tips if you think you have already spend way too much time in zeroing down to that one photo you want to have a painting of.

  • Choose the theme of the painting – how do you want it to be – will it be a family portrait, a candid capture, or a pet portrait?
  • Once you have decided on the theme of your painting, choose the top 3 pictures depending on the theme of the painting.
  • Make sure your picture is not too dark or too light – it will terribly affect the composition and colour coordination of the painting.
  • See if your photo has focal points or not, which will be highlighted in the painting.
  • Don’t choose a photo that has too many elements in it.
  • If it is a family photo, then stick to a picture of 5-6 people at maximum, and not a dozen.

Once you are sure about the above points, you can send your reference photo to painting commission. This will make the task easier for you as well as the professional artist. This way you can give better clarity to the artist on how you want the painting to be. Furthermore, it will save the artist the task of working again and again on the commission assigned to them, just in case you are not satisfied with the progress of the painting.

Another very important factor to consider after you have decided on the photo to be painted, make sure you go through the portfolio of the artist thoroughly to ensure that they are an expert in their area of art. Sometimes it so happens that an artist who is good at sketching or an artist who is good at oil painting might not be as good at acrylic painting or watercolours so you have to understand and be aware of the comfort zone of your artist. This will also ensure that your money does not go wasted when you see the end product.

Apart from this it is important that the communication between you and your artist is good. Sometimes misunderstood guidelines can hamper the progress of the painting and you would definitely not want that, would you? So now go ahead and select that beautiful photo of yours and assign the task to the best artist you can find to recreate the magic of the photo on canvas.

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