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Call Your Local Chimney Sweep to Avoid a House Fire


Fires in a home can happen for various reasons. Some house fires occur when a person leaves a cigarette burning and a piece of fabric catches fire. In other instances, the fire may be of an electrical nature. A frayed wire can spark can cause a blaze. What most people do not realise is that chimneys cause fires too.

Keep Your Family Safe

That is why you need to contact local chimney sweep services in Sevenoaks if you have not had your chimney inspected or cleaned in a long time. Never procrastinate when it comes to this type of service because your warm, cosy fire can turn into a damaging blaze that can lead to total destruction or fatalities.

By contacting a chimney sweep company, you can take care of the following:

  • Cleaning the creosote and soot that can lead to a fire
  • Inspecting the chimney to make sure that it is fully operational and useful
  • Reviewing any problems with blockages

Schedule an Inspection Yearly

As you can see, you cannot neglect your chimney if you want to enjoy a hearthside fire more. Chimney sweep professionals advise that you have your chimney checked and cleaned at least once a year. Only one piece of ash or ember can set off a chimney fire. If this happens, it can be hard to control. Why not make sure you are safe by scheduling an inspection today?

In fact, make sure that you schedule an inspection and cleaning before cold weather sets in. Make it your goal to take care of your chimney’s maintenance now and not at a later date.



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